I attach the representations of Habton Parish Council. I give my full support to these views, together with a copy of the written representations I submitted to the EIP last time.The other documents referred to in the Habton statement (eg the letter from John Greenway and the email correspondence with GOYH) you have had recently, and I am not including fresh copies, as they should be on your files. If they are not on your files, please let me know and I will provide fresh copies.

As well as being a Parish Councillor, I am, of course, a District Councillor for Malton Ward and a Malton Town councillor. I therefore set out below some views of my own:

1.I confirm my support for Habton’s views, which I will pursue vigorously on their behalf.Click here to see observations of Habton PC

2. I think no more than 30% of all new development should be concentrated in Malton/Norton, as, in my view, Malton does not have the infrastructure or the services to accommodate more development, and the growth of the two towns by 50% is almost one third of the combined number of houses and will completely change the character of this historic market town.

3. 30% growth of Malton/Norton should be stated as an option in the Preferred Options document which is being considered.

4. Alternatively, Pickering should be included as one of the Principal Service Centres, along with Malton/Norton, because, in terms of population, Pickering is similar to Malton; its commercial centre is more vibrant than Malton’s and, because of the North Yorks Railway and other attractions, it is the main centre for tourism in Ryedale. This too should be stated as a preferred option.

I believe Malton and Norton Town Councils will support 2 and 3 above, although these have not been put to them yet.

I have not put my views on Pickering to either Habton or Malton Town Council yet. I do not know whether these Councils will support me on this point, but it is clear, in the light of the rigid interpretation that Ryedale is making of the relevant texts in the  Draft Regional Spatial Strategy Document regarding housing, that it is in the interests of both Malton/Norton and the surrounding countryside that Pickering should accept its fair share of new development.

Please acknowledge receipt of this mail.


Councillor Paul Andrews

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