As your District Councillor since 2003, this site is to update you on the work being done on your behalf

  • Determined to keep Council Tax down without cutting services or increasing feesClick here for further information
  • Bringing car park charges down to encourage local trade and visitors
  • Opposing fracking in Ryedale
  • Determined to support local business, and oppose unfair competition from superstores.
  • Determined to ensure that Malton does not receive more than its fair share of new development
  • Determined to bring back a once weekly household waste collectionClick here for more
  • Support local sport: I campaigned for a dry sports centre at Malton School, and opposed the deletion of the Council's Sports Officer post
  • Striving to maintain public use of public facilities - eg. Milton Rooms, Malton (which the Council has supporterd and spent money on), Bowling Centre Norton (Ryedale forced the local community to buy out their freehold interest for an extortionate £250,000, after only spending £50,000 on the building whilst collecting annual rents of between £10,000 and £40,000 pa.) and Orchard Fields etc. (Malton's only public park which Ryedale has abandoned), Malton Museum (which had to close after Ryedale decided not to renew its annual payment)
  • Support local schools
  • Determined to ensure that there is effective flood protection for Ryedale's towns, villages and farms  - and not just flood "management".
  • Striving to maintain frontline services, including police, fire, ambulance and local hospital.
  • I Opposed the County Council merger bid.Click here for article. However, following disappointment by the way the Districrt Council has dumped all unwelcome new development on Ryedale towns in the Local Plan, I have revised this view, and come to the conclusion that Ryedale would be better run by the County Council than the current District Council.
  • Detrmined to maintain all local services, including all services provided by Malton Hospital, our local fire services etc.
  • Striving to ensure that local affordable housing goes to local people
  • Campaigning for improvements in the A64 and the intersections at Malton and Norton
  • Striving to ensure that local roads are properly maintained and improved.
  • Always available to assist local businesses in their dealings with authority

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