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Mayor of Malton 2016-9
Mayor of Malton 2016-9

Paul Andrews contributes articles to the Yorkshire Post and is the author of two novels.

Paul Andrews is a former mayor of Malton, a former Ryedale District Councillor, and is now an honorary alderman of North Yorkshire Council. HIs personal profile CV is set out under "About".

Paul was elected to Ryedale District council as a Liberal Democrat in 2003 and became a Malton Town councillor in 2007. He went independent in 2004. He did not stand for election to North Yorkshire council when Ryedale merged with the county council in April 2023, and resigned from Malton Town Council in April 2024. He is still a local parish councillor in his own village and is a member of the Malton and Norton towns Partnership.

Paul has University of London honours degrees in Law and Classics. He is a retired solicitor. He worked in private practice and for many years at a senior level in local government. He left local government in 1997 and retired in 2008. 

During his time as district councillor, Paul published a website which records important documents he wrote for the council and articles he wrote for the press. This website was last updated in 2019. For technical reasons Paul decided to "archive" this earlier site and to  replace it with this site. 

 Please find the earlier version of Paul's web site by clicking here. It contains news items and newspaper articles  which cover a range of subjects from Iraq to Car Parks and Farming to Government.

Paul is the author of two novels, "The Loner" and "The Warrior from the Tin Islands". 

As regards "The Loner", this has its own website which can be accessed with the following link: The Loner This website has also not been updated, and copies of "The Loner" are not available from the Matador site. The Loner website is due for updating and will also be archived within this website.

Please refer to "Books" (above) for details of "The Warrior from the Tin Islands"