Cllr. Paul Andrews (Malton) and Nigel Wilson (Derwent) are both standing as independents. If elected they will continue the work of Cllrs. Andrews and Clarkson as a separate and independent Ryedale Residents Council Group.


The Residents Group is only interested in local issues. Our aims and objectives

are similar to our opponents’, but a comparison of leaflets shows important differences:


Only the Residents Group has ideas about keeping Council Tax down without cutting services – as the Council’s main expense is staffing, we believe there should be a staffing committee to keep staffing under review, as there used to be in Ryedale before 1996.


The other parties say they want to help business, but make no promises about keeping car park charges down. These are critical for local business, particularly in Malton/Norton. They come up for review next year, and local business needs us on the Council for this.


Only the Residents Group has challenged the new Local Plan, which will virtually stop all new house building in most villages – this will adversely affect village vitality and village services.


 None of the other parties have given any commitment in their leaflets (although the LibDems have in a newspaper statement) to building a dry sports hall at Malton School – we have.


The other parties say they support farming. This is difficult to understand, when they won’t even agree to spend just £5,000 on a professional hydrological desk study on flooding and land-drainage in Ryedale’s farm and village areas.


 Although the Council, including Ryedale’s Conservatives, has voted against the County Council bid to take over Ryedale, the County Council is under Conservative control, and  the Conservatives’  have given no commitment about retaining Ryedale. The Residents are the only group committed to keeping local services under local control – at Ryedale house.


For more information visit www.paul-andrews.net and www.nigelwilson.org.


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