Report to Town Council 28th June 2006 : 28 June 2006

Revenues and Benefits

The Council decided to reverse its previous decision, and to implement the proposed partnership with Hambleton. I opposed this because the Council was supposed to be acting on the advice of consultants, and one of the main recommendations of the consultant had not been followed. As a result, there was very little evidence to show that any cost savings would be achieved over the long term, and it was quite clear that there would be no savings at all until three years’ time in any event. It is a case of “jam tomorrow”, which no-one should buy. UNISON is taking advice on legal action, and the decision to implement the partnership has been postponed in the meantime. It is unfortunate that this decision has led to such an open confrontation between management (including members) and staff.

Chief Executive

Harold Mosley retires in February, and the process of appointing his successor has begun. There was a surprise amendment to a motion at last Council, which gives a panel of five elite members the right to choose the new chief. I have opposed this, because I don’t believe that such a senior appointment should be left in the hands of such a small number of politicians. A larger panel is necessary in order to command public support and respect, in my opinion. The panel has been set up and I have successfully challenged it on legal grounds. I want a panel of 9 members – at the very least. I would also like to see the appointment process (but not the interviews) made accessible to the press and the public.

Car Parking

The Wentworth Street Pilot will hopefully commence on 18th July. For the following twelve months people will be able to use this car park all day for a fee of 1-50 (but 1-00 for one hour only). Please make sure that this is made known to as many people as possible, so that the “pilot” is a success. This is important, as, if this pilot does not lead to increased use of Wentworth Street, it may not be repeated in future years.


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