Report to Town Council 30th November 2005 : 30 November 2005



30th November 2005

Car Parking fees

This matter was brought back to Council on 10th November. As the matter had been debated within the previous six months, the Council was asked to waive standing orders, so that there could be a further debate. I argued that there had been the following change of circumstances since the previous decision:

1. The handing in of the Gazette’s petition;

2. The receipt by the Council of at least 80,000 from the Belwin Fund in respect of the flood prevention work to which 161,000 of the 261,000 Revenue surplus had been allocated (I believe there is now about 75,000 left unspent and unallocated from the 261,000);

3. The fact that the cost of bringing fees down to last years level for four months would be 57,000 and not the much larger figure which would have applied in July (when the 261,000 revenue surplus first came to the Council’s attention) for a period of eight months.

4. Christmas

The Council refused to waive standing orders so as to allow the debate to proceed, but, in a debate earlier in the meeting, they did grant six half days free parking before Christmas day (after 3.00pm on each day).

Next Year’s Budget

The Council has decided not to raise Council Tax higher than the rate of inflation. Car park charges will not be increased at all. Further discussions on the budget are taking place, but these are all subject to the Government’s decision on the grant to be awarded to the Council, which will not be known until December. The next meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee, at which the budget may be discussed, will be on 8th December.

Car Park Strategy

This is due to be considered at the next meeting of the Community Services Committee. I have no idea what is intended, except that I understand that any reduction of the Council’s income from car park charges is unlikely to be put forward.


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