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21st July 2014 My comments on the Castle Howard Road application
2nd July 2014 My representations on the four planning applications  relating to the relocation of the Cattle Market .
24th April 2014 WSCP superstore application - my address to committee
22nd March 2012 Note to Ryedale members on WWSCP superstore application
22nd March 2012 Report by Paul Beanland and myself on WWSCP superstore application
28th February 2011 My Response to County on Library cuts
7th December 2010 Livestock Market Relocation - My address to Farmers' meeting 7th December
September 2010 My Submission and Representations on the LDF
April 2010 Comments on Jacobs Strategic Transport Assessment - with particular reference to the list of Group 1 Sites - ie sites "likely to be developed first" - ie sites which Ryedale regards as a foregone conclusion
February 2010 List of sites which Ryedale thinks are "likely to be developed first" -ie regarded by Ryedale as a foregone conclusion - and others which Ryedale expects to be brought forward "in the near future"
February 2010 PDF copy of above (Group 1 Sites only) - ie foregone conclusion sites
February 2010 PDF copy of above (Group 2 Sites only) ie. Sites likely to be develped in the near future
February 2010 Chilcott Enquiry - Second letter published in Yorkshire Post
Februrary 2010 Chilcott Enquiry - letter published in Yorkshire Post
10th February 2010 Mercury - 100K cost of extra bin collections challenged
8th February 2010 Yorkshire Post - Council chiefs accused over bins
13th January 2010 LDF - Comments on RTP December 2009 Update Report
15th December 2009 LDF - Note of Council Meeting of 15th December
August 2009 LDF Summer Consultation 2009 - Comments on Shopping Policy
August 2009 Exhibits referred to in Comments on LDF Shopping Policy
August 2009 LDF Summer Consultation 2009 - Comments of Habton PC
14th May 2009 Analysis of RTP Retail Capacity (2008 update), including comparison with WSP
14th May 2009 Revised 2008 draft RTP Retail Capacity Study Update
5th January 2009 Car Park Fees: Summary
27 November 2008 Car Park Fees: Notes for Community Services Committee
26 November 2008 Car Park Fees: email to members of Community Services Committee on Car Park Charges and Scrutiny investigation
10 November 2008 Car Park Fees: Text and notes of Scrutiny Report
November 2008 Car Parks: Source Excel workbook for above documents, showing impact of trial (2006/7)l on council car park revenues in comparison with previous year, taking into account previous year's downward trend in income
16 October 2008 Car Park Fees: Comments on officers' slides of 1 October below
1 October 2008 Car Park Fees: The Officers' case - slides produced to committee
25th September 2008 Flood Management: Reply from Environment Agency to my letter of 10th September 2008 (3 Pages)
10th September 2008 Letter to Environment Agency on latest Derwent Flood "Management" Plan
26th June 2008 My notes for Policy and Resources 26th June 2008
5th March 2008 A Strategy for Malton Town Centre - My Comments
31st January 2008 The Car Parks Debate - St. Nicholas Street and Wentworth Street Trial - Community Services Committee
31st January 2008 St. Nicholas Street - Imposing Car Park charges - Action Group's Views
31st January 2008 Comments on the Council's report on the Wentworth Street CAR PARK FEES trial
18th  December 2007 Eden House correspondence 1
18th December 2007 Eden House correspondence 2
18th December 2007 Eden House correspondence 3
18th December 2007 Eden House correspondence 4
18th December  2007 Eden House correspondence 5
18th September 2007 Yorkshire Derwent Flood Management Plan - correspondence with Environment Agency
6th September 2007

My Notes for Council 6th September 2007

Flooding; Car Park Fees; Constitution

20th August 2007 My observations on the LDF
20th August 2007 Local Development Framework - Representations of Habton PC


1st January 2007

27th November 2006


Report to Town Council

Report to Town Council

2006 CPAG Report on CAR PARK FEES
27 September 2006 Report to Town Council 27th September 2006
Revenues and Benefits, Wentworth Street Toilets, Street Cleaning and weeds
5 July 2006 Ryedale Dev elpment Framework - Representations
Housing; Employment; Racing stables
28 June 2006 Report to Town Council 28th June 2006
Revenues and Benefits; Chief executive; Wentworth St. Car Park Fees Pilot
2 April 2006 My work as your councillor up to April 2006
29 March 2006 Report to Town Council
Car park fees;A64 junctions;Revenues &Benefits; Reorganisation threat
12 January 2006 Notes Council Meeting 12th January 2006
Revenues and Benefits partnership; Council Budget; Bid for Fair Car park Charges
Do you have a "Local Connection"?
8 December 2005 Council Budget Consultation - Why are we putting revenue into reserves?
Residents' Group Notes on Council's
30 November 2005 Report to Town Council 30th November 2005
Car Park Fees & Strategy; Budget 2005/6
17 November 2005 Malton Town Council Bye-election

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