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24th August 2007

It is time to defend the rural way of life

Yorkshire Post Article

8th August   2007

We should resist any new reorganisation

After the County Bid Failure

16th June 2007

Local Government needs to be close to the people it represents

The tragedy of the Bridlington marina

16th May 2007 We should use IT to set us Free - not to give others control over us
16th May 2007

Letter to Gazette and Herald

It's just NOT local democracy

18 April  2007

The County Council Merger Bid must NOT succeed

14th February 2007 Letter to Secretary of State on the County Bid
July 2006 Loyalty to our Local Community is Crucial
The end of the Revenues and Benefits Debate
16 June 2006 Prove me wrong about revenues and benefits
Keep Westminster politics out of Local Government
18 May 2006 Civil Liberties needs our Rural Districts
Views on The Revenues and Benefits Transfer
12 May 2006 It is important that local business should have a strong voice
Thoughts on the BID vote
15 February 2006 The Council should not accept this Bribe
Stop this creeping Regionalisation
18 December 2005 Resist the Government's latest proposals to waste our money on another Local Government Reorganisation
Stop Whitehall interference in Local Government: stop change for the sake of change
We must prepare for the next assault on our local rural democracy
16 February 2004 Seven million reasons to vote against Regional Government
6 September 2002 Could the Derwent Pool survive a local governement reorganisation for long?
16 August 2002 The dangers of Regionalisation for local rural democracy
We should spend our reserves before it is too late


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