Councillor Paul Andrews with Roddy Bushell, Ann Hopkinson, Denys Townsend and Chris Buxton, after car park charges on Wentworth Street Car park were lowered from £4-50 to £1-50 all day on 19th July 2006, as a result of  the campaign led by Councillor Andrews

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Date Title
24 March 2010 Car Park Fees update
3rd March 2010 Remember: we are one community.
11th July 2007 The Wentworth Street Car Park Fees Pilot should continue

17th November 2005

The Car Park Fees Debate 10th November 2005 - Councillor Andrews is not allowed to make a full speech

14 October 2005 The Campaign must go on
6 September 2005 Are Ryedale's Car Park Charges too high?
19 January 2005 The Council's 2005/2006 budget can be balanced without raising car park charges by 25%
15 March 2004 We Must Take A Calculated Risk And Halve Wentworth Street Car Park Fees Immediately


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