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4th November 2013 A challenge of the Local Plan may not be bad for Malton
May 2013 When is a public consultation not a consultation?
27th March 2013 Cattle Market should not be allowed to hold the town to ransom
29th January 2013 The supermarket war is not over yet - The "Northern Arc".
5th October 2012 Two public enquiries
Aufgust 2012 Cattlemarket Issues
July 2012 Localism - Eric Pickles does not mean what he says.
April 2012 Does "Localism" stopwiththe District Council?
March 2012 What's in store for Malton
1st January 2011 Malton/Norton's Commercial Limits are important
8th December 2010 Does Ryedale Have a Five Year Land Supply
10th November 2010 Ryedale is selling planning permission for planning gain
13th October 2010 Do not vote for this plan
8th September 2010 The Ryedale 17 must be challenged
8th August 2010 Do not vote for this half-baked plan
14th July 2010 There is no urgent need to sell Wentworth Street Car Park
14th April 2010 Ryedale's "Traffic Assessment" is politically driven and fundamentally flawed
3rd March 2010 Remember: we are one community
27th    January 2010 We must not brush aside the Highways issue
7th October 2009 Malton needs a new intersection between the Broughton Road and the A 64
9th September 2009 Ryedale's proposals for Part-Pedestrianisation of Market Place, Malton - a colossal waste of public money
12 August 2009 The Shopping Debate - Some Misconceptions
15 July 2009 Give your views: Don't let Ryedale turn Malton/Norton into a little city
20 May 2009 Council's consultants say there is no room for a new supermarket in Malton
22 April 2009 Tories should support local business
11th August 2008

Email Correspondence with Councillor Keel


5th August 2008 How Ryedale Lost HALF A MILLION pounds - Copy letter to Gazette
5th August 2008

The Consultation on Malton Town Centre offers NO choice - and why Ryedale has just lost HALF A MILLION  pounds in planning grant

20th July 2008

How can we improve Malton's Town Centre?

15 March 2008

Wny Ryedale's new Town Centre Strategy will Wreck Malton

30 January 2008

The business park at Eden House Road is sheer folly - The Sports Centre Debate

23rd December 2007

We need a compromise solution for Malton's Cattle Market


1 January 1986 How To Save Your Local Pub

January 2007                   What kind of future should Ryedale plan for?


28th November 2007      If Ryedale really wants to help Malton, they                                        should listen to local residents  

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