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Date Title
2nd October 2013 Rotten Boroughs
3rd July 2013 Cut Bureaucracy and not democracy
Decenber 2012 Should the public pay for closed church graveyards?
3rd July 2012 Does Eric Pickles believe in abdicating responsibility?
February 2012 The outrageous three minute rule is undemocratic
13th October 2010 Do not vote for this plan
8th September 2010 The Ryedale 17 must be challenged
8th August 2010 Do not vote for this half-baked plan
14th July 2010 There is no urgent need to sell Wentwoth Street Car Park
9th June 2010 Cuts without investment will not work
13th May 2010 What have the Condems done for us?
3 March  2010 Remember:we are one community
4th November 2009 Beware calls for Partnerships
17 June 2009

Changing the Speaker's clothes will not change parliamentary standards

The Parliamentary Expenses Row

22  April  2009 Tories should support local business
15 February 2009 The Credit Crunch - Do they really think we believe they didn't know it was coming?
3rd December 2008

Democracy should Not be Taken for Granted

The Change of the Council's Constitution is not good

12th November 2008

Trust has to be earned over time

Can the Environment Agency be trusted?

1st October 2008 Councillors should Stand up and be Counted for what they believe
11th June 2007 The Best Way to Get Things Done is by Agreement
4 November 2006 Fighting for the Residents of Ryedale
Ryedale District Council needs a strong Residents' Group
27 September 2006 Loyalty to our Local Community is Crucial
The end of the Revenues and Benefits Debate
8 August 2006 Budget Balancing Act points to Systems Failure
12 July 2006 We should not leave the choice of a new chief executive in the hands of a gang of four or five
15 May 2003 Return To Ryedale
1 May 1999 Who Were The Real Winners?
1 January 1999 A Council To Be Proud Of


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