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24th August 2007

It is time to defend the rural way of life

Yorkshire Post Article

9th August   2007

Our Farmers cannot endure Devastating cost of another Cull

Yorkshire Post Article

25 March 2005 We need a resurrection of Chrisitian values
12 March 2005 Support Ryedale's churches
The vitality of country churches is important for the country way of life
25 February 2005 The Triumph of Ignorance Prejudice and Power
The Ban on Foxhunting comes into effect
20 January 2005 Introduction
13 April 2004 Libdems Champion The Countryside
13 April 2004 The Work Of Our Farmers Should Be Highly Valued
1 January 2004 A New Year's Resolution For Our Political Masters
1 March 2003 Fox Hunting - A Personal Impression
21 March 2002 Back To Nature
-- An Impression Of Rural Yorkshire

There has to be a Better Way

The 2001-2 Foot and Mouth Epidemic


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