2010 was the the sixteenth centenary of the evacuation of Roman troops from their province, Britannia. Malton businesses decided to celebrate this in a Roman show with Roman soldiers, gladiators etc. Paul Andrews was asked to make a display presentation, as it was important for grant aid purposes that the show should be seen to have an educational value as well as being good entertainment.. This exhibition needed to be readable as well as informative - something which would give a brief flavour of the excitement of Roman history and civilisation, without getting into too much detail.

the Roman Festival was set up at the site of the old Roman Fort of Derventio, which is

situated close to Malton's town centre. So the exhibition had to have a section on the old fort, and included items recently excavated.


The exhibitiion is reproduced here in three sections, comprising Roman history, Roman Malton, and Roman civilisation. It is topical, and includes reference to colourful characters and figures from folklore, including Julius Caesar, Nero, Commodus, St. Patrick and King Arthur, as well as a few of Aesop's children's stories.


Scholars' language has been avoided, and every effort has been made to look at the subject using modern terms. So, for example, when describing how the government of the empire was taken over by a high-ranking general, a seniior poitician and somebody less well-known, they have been called a "military junta", and the historical term "triumvirate" is not used.


No doubt this approach will invite criticism for "over-simplification" or "over-generalisation", but if this encourages some people to take an interest in what is after all a fascinating and exciting subject,the criticism will have been worthwhile.


The Romans produced a brilliant civilisation in challenging and exciting times, and their story is well worth getting to know.



Roman Malton

2010 Roman culture, art, and civilisation


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