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On Saturday and Sunday 23rd and 24th July, We Luv Malton Events will produce Malton’s Second Roman Festival. The 6th and 9th Legions have been invited back for the second time after 1600 years, this year being the year after the 16th centenary of the Roman evacuation of the province. They will be accompanied by a troop of fourth century soldiers and a squadron of Roman cavalry. This will be a good family show.

Events planned include:

o Roman soldiers marching in full military uniform from the Forum to the Derventio barracks escorting Miss Derventio.

o A full programme of living history demonstrations all day, including weapons displays, gladiatorial combats, Roman cooking, a mock battle between Romans and Brits, etc. – don’t believe the Roman propaganda: the Brits usually win!

o A display by Roman cavalry, including formation riding in original uniforms, and a Syrian archer who will demonstrate his skills at firing arrows whilst riding his horse;

o Opportunities for volunteers to learn how to use Roman weapons, including a pilum target contest;

o Photo-opportunities for children to dress in Roman armour and march around the arena under the careful supervision of the duty centurion;

o A “heritage tent” with a brief outline of Roman history and culture which sets famous personalities like Julius Caesar, Nero and Hadrian in context.

o A collection of recent archaeological finds which have never been publicly exhibited before. These are still to be selected. Last year the public were amazed to see well preserved examples of a centurion’s shoe, a child’s shoe, Roman jewelry and Crambeck ware. There will also be some original Roman pottery which needs cleaning, and there will be an opportunity for members of the public to touch, hold and wash these.

o Guided tours of the Roman Fort site by a professional archaeologist.

o A Roman military camp with soldiers and their families living as they would have done when on campaign;

o Refreshments (including pre-cooked Roman food) will be available on site.

This year’s show will take place early in the school holidays. Timed to coincide with the Ryedale Festival and the warm spell at the end of July, it will provide an exceptional, varied spectacle with an appeal to all ages – fun for all the family.

Pitches will be set out for traders’ stalls and sponsorship deals are available on request. Anyone interested should contact

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