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Subject: Fw: Development at Eden House Road - latest

> Dan,
> I understand from John Clark that you are the right person to send this
> correspondence to.
> Please ensure this matter is called in.
> For information, my website is www.paul-andrews.net.
> Regards
> Councillor Paul Andreews
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> Subject: Fw: Development at Eden House Road - latest
>> Geof,
>> I have forwarded you earlier correspondence I have had with North
>> Yorkshire County Council on the proposed development of a new industrial
>> park on land land at the above site which is adjacent to the A169 and
>> near the A64 roundabout at Malton.
>> I am one of nine district councillors who have signed a letter asking
>> your office to call the matter in for decision by the Secretary of State
>> after a full public enquiry.
>> I am not sure if you are the right person to write to, but I would like
>> to make an additional submission and would be glad if you would forward
>> this, together with the previous correspondence referred to above to the
>> appropriate officer in your department. I understand that today is the
>> last day on which submissions can be made. I am also forwarding you,
>> under separate cover, another mail received from the County Council.
>> Please also pass this one on too.
>> I am also writing on behalf of my wife, who is a retired school teacher.
>> She retired last year, and came ot live with me in North Yorkshire in
>> 2000, having previously taught in the Manchester and Merseyside areas. As
>> a teacher, she has known Eden Camp long before she knew me. It is a very
>> popular attraction for school visits - particularly for students of
>> modern history. Coachloads of school children visit Eden Camp every year
>> from all over the North of England, and probably from much further
>> afield.
>> Our  main concern in regard to the proposed development is the highway
>> situation.
>> It is no accident that the only full motorway intersection on the Malton
>> A64 bypass is at the junction between the A64 and the A169. Not only is
>> the A169 the principal link between Malton and Pickdering, and the most
>> direct route from West Yorkshire to the Whitby seaside resort, but there
>> are a number of major tourist attractions which can only be accessed from
>> along this road between Malton and Pickering. These include the
>> Flamingoland zoo and theme park and Eden Camp. Pickering itself is a
>> major tourist destination, as it is the base of the North York Moors
>> preserved steam railway, and is the gateway to the North York Moors
>> National Park.
>> The application site is bounded by the A169 and Eden House Road. Eden
>> House road is the only entrance to Eden Camp, and, after Eden Camp,
>> becomes a single carriageway metalled track which is only used by local
>> and farm trafic. Where this single carriageway road crosses the River
>> Rye, there is a narrow bridge with a weight restriction.
>> In these circumstances, one might have expected all the public
>> authorities to insist:
>> a) that there should be a separate access to the site from the A169; and
>> b) that there should be no conflict between this access and the access to
>> Eden Camp, partticularly bearing in mind the popularity of Eden Camp with
>> schools; and
>> c) there should be a proper roundabout at the entrance to the application
>> site.
>> Sadly, no one is prepared to insist on any of these matters, and the view
>> is simply taken that, as County are not objecting on highways gounds,
>> nothing can be done. Unfortunately, the approach of the County Council in
>> these situations seems to be to require applicants to get their own
>> consultants to prepare traffic circulation studies and to accept what the
>> consultants come up with. Now we all know how different consultants can
>> come up with different conclusions on the basis of the same information.
>> So, imagine the surprise when Malton Town Council were told that the
>> applicants' circulation model shows that the site will only cause an
>> increase of 29 daily vehicular movements at Butcher Corner in the centre
>> of Malton! In my view, no reasonable authority should have accepted such
>> nonsense, when the centre of Malton lies on the direct route to and from
>> the site from the East. In our view, this completely undermines trhe
>> credibility of the rest of the applicant's consultants' study.
>> It would appear that the proposed development could generate as many as
>> 800 jobs - 600 as a minimum. According to County figures, the average
>> daily vehicle movements along the A169 are currently 11,225 (a few years
>> ago they were 11,600), and simple junctions can accommodate up to 1300
>> daily vehicular movements. It should be quite clear that the 1300 figure
>> will easily be exceeded if the development is completed as planned -
>> particularly bearing in mind delivery vehicles etc.
>> A short while ago, there was a proposal to enlarge the Thornton Road
>> Industrial Park at Pickering to accommodate a similar number of new jobs.
>> I understand the County Council insisted on the construction of a
>> roundabout, which I believe would have cost several million pounds. So
>> the development did not go ahead. The Thornton Road Estate is situated on
>> the Pickering-Scarborough stretch of the A170. The verage daily vehicle
>> movements along this road are less than 10,000.
>> I believe the County Council is not being consistent. If a large
>> roundabout is required for an extension of the Thornton Road Estate, so
>> should one be required for the application site at Eden House Road.
>> We ask thhe Secreary of State to call this matter in.
>> YOurs faithfully
>> Councillor Paul and Mrs. Andrews
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>> From: "James Kennedy" <James.Kennedy@northyorks.gov.uk>
>> To: "Paul Andrews" <paul@sail-apollo.fsnet.co.uk>
>> Cc: <paul.p.andrews@btinternet.com>
>> Sent: Monday, December 10, 2007 9:24 AM
>> Subject: Development at Eden House Road - latest
>> Councillor Andrews,
>> I have a figure 11,225 for the average daily flow on the A169 in 2006.
>> The figure of 13,000 referred to previously was an example given in the
>> Design Manual for Roads and Bridges which suggests simple junctions are
>> appropriate for most minor junctions where the major road flow does not
>> exceed 13,000.
>> There is no conflict with Eden Camp.  The existing traffic on Eden House
>> Road was taken into account in the traffic modelling.
>> I have noted your dismay with my department, I will pass your comments
>> onto my line managers.
>> I'm not sure I see the point over mixing different types a traffic, ie
>> bus and commercial.  Providing a junction is designed to the correct
>> standards it is safe for all types of traffic.  The widening of the A169,
>> signing and lining improvements will also be of benefit to the Coaches
>> visiting Eden Camp.
>> Regards
>> James.
>>>>> "Paul Andrews" <paul@sail-apollo.fsnet.co.uk> 06/12/07 11:49 >>>
>> James,
>> I really would like a reply to to my last email.
>> Incidentally, I understand that the average daily number of vehicle
>> movemenmts for the Malton to Pickering road is 11,600. I find this
>> extraordinary, bearing in mind the advice you quoted me earlier to the
>> effect that roundabouts are not required where there is likely to be a
>> daily
>> average of  less than 13,000 vehicle movements. Isn't it obvious that the
>> daily vehicular movements generated by the proposed development is more
>> than
>> likely to exceed 1,400. It goes without saying that the impact in the
>> holiday seasons is going to be horrendous.
>> If my understanding is correct, I have to register my complete and utter
>> dismay with your department. Not only has your department failed to have
>> due
>> regard to the clear conflict with  Eden Camp - one of the country's prime
>> tourist attractions - but your department has acted in complete disregard
>> of
>> public safety.
>> For your information, one of the reasons Eden Camp is so popular is that
>> it
>> is focused on school GCSE and A Level syllabuses. It therefore attracts
>> coach loads of school children from all over the country. That junction
>> is
>> dificult enough, but to introduce commercial traffic and mix it up with
>> school children is beyond belief.
>> Can I now please have a reply to this and my earlier email?
>> Please note that my email address is about to change to
>> paul.p.andrews@btinternet.com. Could you please end your reply to both
>> this
>> and my current addresses.
>> Regards
>> Councillor Paul Andrews

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