My Politics & Public Life

I joined the LibDem party in 1997, and was Secretary of Ryedale Liberal Democrats from 1999 until 2003. I was elected as one of the three ward members for Malton in

I have campaigned for a Central Ryedale Dry Sports Hall at Malton School, and for the engagement of a civil engineer to advise the Council and the drainage boards on land drainage and flooding matters. You will find further information on these and other matters in the Articles. (click here to view the articles )

I am also deeply concerned about the way farmers are being treated by Government and the superstores, and with other country issues.

I am interested in green and environmental issues. However, my views on these are different from those of Councillor John Clark and the Ryedale Liberals. I do want to see the dualling of the A64, and I do want to spend Council money on promoting tourism in Ryedale. What I want to see is the use of new environmental sources of energy (eg. wind power – preferably generated offshore – solar energy etc.) so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a cost effective way.

I am a governor of Malton School, a parish councillor, and also regularly attend Malton Town Council meetings and meetings of the Malton / Norton Town Centre Initiative.

In June 2004, I fell out badly with the Ryedale LibDem Council Group, and decided to leave them. I got together with David Clarkson, who had left the Conservative Group, and we have formed a new Council Group called the RYEDALE RESIDENTS. We want to represent the residents of Ryedale and get the very best deal possible for them, without having to follow any party political dogma.

Since 1997, I have been busy writing for the Gazette and Herald. I began with letters, and was then asked to write a monthly column under the “Ryeview” heading. This site contains a complete set of these articles. These contain my views on many subjects. So you don’t have to listen to what other people say about my views. Just click on Articles and find out for yourself what I have to say on matters which interest you. ( click here to see my articles )

If you support my views and approve of what the Ryedale Residents Council Group is doing, please e-mail me and let me know. At the moment there are only two of us; we have little organisation or backup, and could do with some help. We want to serve the people of Ryedale, and we want to hear what you, the Residents of Ryedale, think about Council services and would like the Council to do.


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